B2B: Process

Step 1: Please log on to http://odishatravelbazar.com/b2b/index.asp

Step 2: Enter your username and password to log in to your B2B meeting page.

Step 3: Please click on the 'Help' button located on the menu bar to view the instructions for fixing the B2B meetings.

For any technical assistance, please contact Mr. Akhil Gupta at akhil.gupta@ficci.com.


  1. Please ensure that you do not fix duplicate meeting slots with the same organization for day 1 and day 2 as this will lead to duplication and we will not be able to delete the meeting at our end.
  2. The list of Buyers on the website will be updated on a regular basis. Please check from time to time for new Buyers that are added on the website.
  3. You are requested not to keep any meeting request pending for more than 3 days. This is because meetings that are kept pending will temporarily block yours and the seller's meeting slot until the meeting is confirmed (in this case your meeting slot is confirmed) or declined (in this case your meeting slot falls vacant again so that a new seller may send you a new request).